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196 Bishopsgate Official Hotel Website Price

Dear, All of Our Guests,

196 Bishopsgate Hotel Official Website has its own online booking system to book the rooms and you will find the same price or a little less price on official website when compaired to (eg. booking.com, agoda.com or laterooms.com etc...) but if you book with (eg. booking.com, laterooms.com or agoda.com etc...) their customer service is much stronger than the hotel official website customers,

for example if you did not get what you paid for from the hotel official websites (eg. the room was out of order or over booking scenario), the hotel can sometimes say, sorry we can't do anything for you unfortunately, if you are not happy with our hotel, you have the rights to check out and we will refund you in full. at the same time if the booking is made by booking.com, you can complain the situation to booking.com customer service by phone or by e-mail, in this case booking.com will force the hotel to give you what you paid for or find alternatives because booking.com gives more businesses (bookings) to the hotel and the hotel has to listen to booking.com otherwise the hotels loose their businesses from booking.com, that is how the hotel system works.

Therefore, popinhotels.com highly recommends their customers to book the rooms on hotel official website only if you get huge savings on direct official websites otherwise book through the hotel Recommended partner websites (eg. booking.com, laterooms.com or agoda.com etc...).

That is our little advice for our customers and decision is always yours.

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