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  • Hotel Policies

    What are the check-in and check-out times of a hotel?

    This information is different for each hotel.  You can find this on the hotels page itself, under the hotel policies information, or within your confirmation email.

    I will be arriving earlier/later than the stated check-in time. Can I still check-in?

    The hotel itself will need to confirm this.  We suggest entering your information in the remarks box when reserving, and contact the hotel itself directly once reserved to ensure that they can meet your request.  The hotel contact information can be found on your confirmation email.

    I want to check out after the stated check out time. What should I do?

    While you are staying at the hotel, please ask at reception if late check out is available.  Please note that you may be charged extra by the hotel.

    How do I get more information about the room or hotel facilities?

    The ‘more information’ link by room type and the hotel facilities information is everything we have on file about the selected hotel.  If you have already reserved, please contact the hotel directly if you need to know more information that we offer about the hotel.

    How do I find out if a hotel allows pets?

    Underneath the hotel policies heading on the hotel information page, this information is always displayed.

    I want a smoking room however I can only choose a non-smoking room. How can I request a smoking room?

    If there is only a non smoking option, then the hotel does not offer smoking rooms.